What type of system do I need?
To put it simply, it depends on your situation:

- Situation one: "My house doesn't have access to the national grid and I want electricity for my kids to have light to study at night."
In this situation, we would recommend you to get an off-grid Inverter with battery packs for sustained electricity at night.

- Situation two: "I have access to the grid but I don't want to depend on it most time, since it's too expensive, meantime, the power backup system is also required."
In this situation, a Hybrid Inverter is recommended. On sunny days, you will consume the energy produced via PV arrays. This inverter also connects with batteries for power backup. PV will charge batteries as well.
Low PV power or at night, the inverter will switch its input power source to the utility grid.

- Situation three: "Solar energy is the greenest solution, I want to use it to support my daily electricity, besides, the surplus solar energy can feed into the utility grid for benefit.
In this situation, we strongly recommend our On-Grid inverters, because they can efficiently transfer PV power to utility power (0.96~0.99%).
During high-peak hours, the inverter will transfer solar DC power to AC grid power for daily electricity, meantime, the surplus solar power will be used to get compensated from local government or related benefit authority.
During off-peak hours, the inverter will come to sleep mode before the sunlight appear.