Residential (<1kw)
警告標誌 GIF Please note that selling your solar energy to the grid requires government approval and is therefore not available in every country.
This intelligent on-grid system will allow you to save energy and reduce your electricity bill.

In this configuration, the energy from the solar panel is stored in the battery during the day. Once the battery is fully charged the energy surplus can be sent to the utility grid.

At night, when the PV modules do not provide power anymore, we use the energy stored in the battery and when empty, then we take from the utility grid.

Product list
Product Rated Power Qty.
Small Fridge 250W 1pc
Fan 60W 1pc
Computer 150W 1pc
TV 150W 1pc
LED Light 25W 2pcs
Total Consumption 660W

What you need
Product Model Qty.
Inverter SP 3000 Premium 1pc
Solar panel 250W 13pcs
Batteries 12V200Ah 8pcs
The configurations of this table may vary depending on sun irradiance, temperature and load conditions.