Residential (<2kw)
警告標誌 GIF Fridge, washing machine or air condition are known as inductive load. Please consider the in-rush current of this type of load in your calculation.
Set in parallel our SP Efecto gives you a variety of options that allows you to manage renewable, stored energy and the grid.

With the right combination of solar panels and batteries you could save a lot of your annual electricity accounts.

Product list
Product Rated Power Qty.
Fridge 400W 1pc
Washing machine 500W 1pc
Computer 150W 2pcs
Fan 60W 2pcs
Other accessories 300W 1pc
TV 150W 1pc
LED Light 25W 4pcs
Total Consumption 1870W

What you need
Product Model Qty.
Inverter SP 5000 Brilliant 3pc
Solar panel 250W 9pcs
Batteries 12V300Ah 9pcs
The configurations of this table may vary depending on sun irradiance, temperature and load conditions.