SP3000 Premium
SP3000 Premium 圖片 1
Argentina project

The hybrid SP Premium equipment allows full control of the system from a simple computer through our Solar Power program. First step is to configure the type of system you installed and for what application.

Our Achievements
Location Argentina
Year of execution 2014
Client Energies Intelligences
PV Capacity 1175W
Installed equipment SP 3000 Premium
Solar PV 235W (x5)
Battery 12 x 65 AH (x4)

Calculation Of Expected Generation
Item SP 3000 Premium
Qty. 1pcs
Total size of solar panels 1175 Wp
Average Daily Sunny Hours 6 hours
Average Solar Power Daily 7050W
Performance Solar Panel 60%
Real Solar Power Daily 4230 W/H
Power Month 126.900 W/H
Battery Backup 65 A/H x 48 VCC