MSS-60 圖片 1
School Multifunctional Solar System

The multifunctional solar system consists of two 30W PV panels, a li-iron 3.3V 100Ah charging station, and 50 1W LED lamps coming with 50 3.3V lithium-iron hand-set batteries. These portable batteries are being charged during the school day, which allows children to bring the battery back home at evenings and plug it easily to the bright 60 lumens LED lamp to light up their place, do their homework and study at night. The solution also comes up with a USB-charger option to charge mobile phone.

Our Achievements
Location Tanzania
Year of execution 2013
Client Jambo Energy
PV Capacity 60W
Installed equipment MSS-60
3.3V 100Ah Batteries (2pcs)
1W LED lamps (50pcs)
3.3V hand-set batteries (50pcs)