Solar Charge Controller
SC-MAX 20-6048
  • LCD display for status and settings
  • 12V/24V automatic recognition
  • Two USB interfaces (SC-20/30/40MAX)
  • Multiple battery choices
  • Four-stage charge method
  • Electronic protections
  • RS-485 standard Modbus protocol with RJ11 interface (SC-60MAX)
Model  SC-20MAX  SC-30MAX  SC-40MAX SC-60MAX SC-6048MAX
Nominal Voltage  12V / 24V automatic recognition 12V/24V/36V/48V
Max Solar Charger Current  20A  30A  40A 60A 60A
Max Output Load Current  20A  30A  40A 30A  30A 
USB Interface 5V, 2A nona
Temperature Compensation   -4.17mV/K per cell (Boost and Equalization charge);
-3.33mV/K per cell (Float charge)
Max Solar Voltage  55V 100V
Max Battery Voltage 35V 65V
Dimensions 189 × 96 × 53 mm  187.5 × 138 × 62.5 mm 187.5 × 138 × 88.5 mm
Weight  420g 720g 1.1kg
Max. Wire Size  8 AWG 6 AWG
Typical Power Consumption  5 mA 10 mA
Working Temperature   -20°C ~ 50°C
Storage Temperature   -25°C ~ 80°C
Ambient Humidity 0 ~ 100%RH 
Case Protection  IP32
Specifications are subject to change without notice.