About OPTI-Solar

OPTI-Solar was established in 2007 by OPTI-UPS. Being a supplier of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS), OPTI-UPS has focused on the export market for over 2 decades. Based in Taiwan, OPTI-UPS has offices in the USA, Middle East, Australia, the Netherlands, and Japan. And with its expertise and knowledge in power protection, OPTI-Solar was created to go further and provide solutions for green power production.

As a part of the global village, OPTI-Solar knows environmental issues are not just numbers and figures but they are vital to everyone. Only actions can stop the situation from getting worse. Thus, OPTI-Solar aims to provide Environment-friendly power solutions and relieves the global warming phenomenon.

Solar energy can be considered the source of all energy on earth. Wind power, hydraulic power, charcoal, oil, and so on can be considered the extension of solar power. Nowadays, the most popular direct solar energy can be collected via heat and power. The three typical solar power systems are OFF-GRID, ON-GRID, and HYBRID. When OPTI-Solar step into the solar business, the intention was clearly to help the worldwide population to have better access to electricity. That is why we mainly focus on off-grid solutions with our high-quality inverters.

OPTI-Solar has been building experience from many successful cases around the world. To echo our slogan “Protect Our Environment, Serve for Better Tomorrow”, OPTI-Solar will continue to develop solar products in different scales and standards in the future, helping people and protecting the environment.