Warranty Policy

OPTI warrants all products to be free of charge from defects in materials and workmanship in original conditions with the following qualifications:

  1. Defective units*1 should be returned to OPTI for repair at the distributor's cost and OPTI will send the repaired units back to distributors when finishing the repair at OPTI's cost.

  2. If distributors need the spares in an urgent case. Distributors are requested to fill out the complete CAR form to get OPTI's permission before sending the new spares. For saving the shipping cost, the damaged units must be returned to OPTI for analysis in 3 months at distributors' cost or OPTI will charge the new spares and freight.

  3. Products should be used under the conditions for which it has been designed. Also should be operated in control manners, under proper environmental conditions (including temperature and humidity).

  4. Under warranty period*2.

  5. For "Out of Warranty Repair" of all other models, in addition to components costs, a handling cost will be charged to distributors for each item including the return freight fee.

*1: Units are PCBs or other replaceable modules/ components or circuit boards.
*2: Warranties for solar products (including solar-powered devices or kits) follows:

Solar products Warranty Example
Solar Inverter 2 years SP5000 Efecto
Panel/Module 25 years for 80% output power OM6PV250
Other solar-powered devices or kits 1 year SC-20/30/40MAX