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Apply After-Service

We provide quick after-service in European Market; user can be easily accessible to get a convenient technical  support.

Procedure for Applying After-service

1. Fill the Car form for application correctly.

2. Contact OPTI TW headquarter and send the Car form to the E-mail address as following: or

3. OPTI TW headquarter approves and issue a RMA number.

4. Sender needs to properly package the defective unit with original box (or suitable box) and mark the RMA number
at the top of BOX.
# OPTI have the right to reject the receipt of goods if it’s not subject to our request.

5. Send the defective unit to the service center.

6. OPTI will update the status of repair regularly.

7. After well-repaired, service center will return the unit to the sender.

1. The freight cost need to be paid by senders.
2. We need to charge the repair fee for the unit over the warranty period.
    The value of repair fee is subject to the damage condition.
3. Extra pre-inspection fee needs to be charged for all units.



Solar Inverter Training

We are providing the training course, help people step into this field with less effort and become professional !!

What we offer:

1. Explanation of different types of solar installations

2. Explanation of Opti Solar products

3. Explanation how to select an off-grid and/or hybrid solar installation

4. Demonstration of an Opti Solar system in operation

5. Show the difference between PWM charging logics and MPPT charging logics. (Show that with 3 x 250Wp solar panel capacity the MPPT logic delivers more as the PWM logic)

6. Calculation of the cost of solar system